COVID - 19 Updates

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As a school district, the safety and well-being of our students, staff and parents is of paramount importance and our district and site administration and our Board of Trustees work diligently to support that commitment.

We recognize the critical nature of the current COVID-19 outbreak and our need to protect the well-being of all concerned.  We are working with local agencies and school districts daily, sometimes hourly, to ensure that the measures we are taking are appropriate and in alignment with the most up-to-date guidelines.

Remote Learning - email to parents/students/staff

Board of Trustees Study Session
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What follows is not an exhaustive list of district and school efforts.  Hand-washing campaigns, site disinfecting and education are being implemented.  We are examining practices regarding large group gatherings, school events and evaluating what is best for our students and staff and is in alignment with current CDC guidelines and best practices.

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