Brian Elliott - Teacher of the Year

Brian Elliott Named Teacher of the Year
LGSUHSD is excited to announce that Brian Elliott (SHS) has been named the district Teacher of the Year, 2021-2022. 

Mr. Elliott is known for his incredible passion for the work he does. His enthusiasm and compassion for students is infectious. Mr. Elliott's interpersonal skills are outstanding. His rapport with colleagues and parents is excellent, as he always strives to establish an atmosphere of trust and open communication. Over the years, it is obvious he possesses the skills and passion to promote personal, social and academic development for all of the students he supports.

He has been described as “kind, warm, flexible, easy-going, and approachable; a professional who works tirelessly behind the scenes, never seeking the recognition that he so richly deserves, and herewith shall receive.”

 As Special Education Department Chair for the past 8 years, he is well known as the driver behind a smoothly running, super responsive Special Education program. A tireless advocate for Special education students and colleagues, he is always ready and willing to consult with staff members about their needs in supporting students’ special needs. Any teacher going into an IEP meeting with Brian knows that it will be well-organized, substantive, inclusive, and, critically, productive.

Brian’s extensive experience as a Special Education Case Manager developed into an extremely successful onsite credit recovery program, in which Brian provided and oversaw an after school space for students to connect online to CyberHigh classes. Staying on each student’s case, helping them show up, and to respond resiliently to the skills-and-technology-based challenges of credit recovery, Brian proved himself instrumental to our most struggling students.

Brian has been a leader among his colleagues, as well. As a WASC focus group leader, Brian often unified the other focus group leaders, as well as guiding his focus group members in our complex and extensive self-study. As a DTA representative, Brian has been a fearless advocate and a skillful negotiator. 

Thanks for all you do for your students, colleagues, and congratulations on your well-deserved honor.