Bill W. Sanderson Named New Superintendent

LGSUHSD Announces New Superintendent
Bill W. SandersonThe Board of Trustees of the Los Gatos–Saratoga Union High School District (LGSUHSD) is excited to announce that Bill W. Sanderson has been selected as the new District Superintendent, effective July 5, 2022.  Planning has been underway to support a smooth leadership transition in the district.

Mr. Sanderson was selected after a rigorous, extensive search process which included interviews with 94 teachers, support staff, parents, Board, administrators, community and students and survey input from 458 participants.  This community outreach to all stakeholder groups provided the desired characteristics for our new superintendent and a guide for identifying truly viable candidates.  Once Mr. Sanderson was identified, a site visit to San Francisco Unified validated what the Board now knew - that he was the best candidate to lead our district.   

Bill W. Sanderson has served as Assistant Superintendent of High Schools of San Francisco Unified School District for the past eight years. He has worked in public education for three decades in Charleston, SC, and San Francisco. Growing up in rural Loris, SC, just after desegregation, Mr. Sanderson saw firsthand the isolation of underserved populations and the life-changing opportunities that education can offer. While neither of his parents graduated from high school, they instilled in him the core values of education and hard work.

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