Curriculum Alignment/Inquiry


In October 2020, we held a board study session (Presentation link here) to discuss four areas of inquiry. Over the next two years, our district will engage in inquiry around the level of consistency we want between our two schools in the following four areas:

  • Area 1 - Consistency of GPA Calculation Methodology & Off-Campus Course Policies
  • Area 2 - Consistency of Course Pathways
  • Area 3 - Consistency of Graduation Requirements
  • Area 4 - Consistency of Course Content & Instructional Materials in Like-Courses

Area 1 - Consistency of GPA Calculation Methodology & Off-Campus Course Policies.  This fall, we completed our work in this Area.  Staff presented information to our school board regarding our current method of GPA calculation and our off campus course policies in June, held a webinar in August and presented to the board again in September 2021.   Please see this slide deck presentation and exhibit document (E 6146.11) for more information about Area 1.  

Area 2 - Consistency of Course Pathways.  As of September 2021 we have begun our inquiry into Area 2. We invited interested stakeholders (staff, parents and students) to participate in a Consistency of Course Pathways advisory group to examine and articulate the rationale behind our core academic course pathways and offerings across our two schools and to determine what, if any, level of consistency we desire among our schools in this area.  The group will begin by examining the following questions

  • In what ways are our course pathways and offerings similar or different at our two schools?
    • Why are they similar or different?
  • What level of consistency do we want among the course pathways and offerings at our two schools?
    • Why do we want this level of consistency?

If the outcome of this initial discussion is a desire for some level of consistency among course offerings and pathways at our two schools, then content/department-specific sub-groups will meet to develop recommended course pathways/offerings.