The LGSUHSD Post-Secondary Program is a 100% community based post-secondary program for young adults, ages 18-22.  The program teaches lifeskills such as travel training, job readiness, and self-help and social skills in an inclusive and age–appropriate environment.

The Board of Trustees acknowledged Los Gatos Classic Car Wash for providing job opportunities to our Post Secondary students. The managers immediately saw potential in our students and recognized their individual passion for working with cars. Classic Car Wash treats our students as part of their own team. We are proud to have such an ideal partnership with this business. With their support and advocacy, our students are actively and meaningfully contributing their community. The Post-Secondary program staff, students and their families would like to express gratitude for their support. Thank you!

There are many other examples of the power and impact of this program.  This year:

  • Students are participating in WVC courses, such as pilates, yoga, golf, jazz dance, and symphonic orchestra.
  • Post-secondary students are teaming up with athletes and coaches at WVC through Sports Unified for a more integrated athletic opportunity.
  • One student was provided with funds from the Work Ability program to continue her entrepreneurship of making cards for sale.
  • There are students learning about movie editing, photoshop, and graphic design to prepare them to take these courses at WVC.

LGSUHSD Post-Secondary is attempting to raise up to $3,000 for:

  • Honors Night (Special ceremony for all students to recognize students who will be exiting the program)
  • Game Day at the Park (A social event that they host in May at a park to build community with other post-secondary programs)

Fundraising activities happening throughout the school year, include a garage sale, walk-a-thon, hoop-a-thon, and mason jar kits for sale.

For more information, please contact:

Students in the Post Secondary/Community Immersion Program share news and helpful information in the April 2020 Transition Tribune.