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Annual Notification to Parents

California Education Code section 48980 requires that, at the beginning of the first semester or quarter of the regular school term, the governing board of each school district must notify parents/guardians of their rights or responsibilities under certain provisions of the Education Code. Other provisions of California and United States law also require notification of parents/guardians.

Education Code section 48982 requires acknowledgement of being informed which is performed by physically or electronically signing the parent acknowledgement card to indicate that you have received the notice and have been informed of your rights. However, the signature does not mean that consent to participate in any particular program has been either given or withheld. California and United States law requires certain other notices in the event that specific circumstances should arise, affecting your child’s education and attendance at school. If any such circumstances should arise, the District will provide notice as required by law. 

Instructions for Completing Annual Parent Data Confirmation

On August 1, 2023, all families will receive an email that the annual Parent Data Confirmation process is open.  Each year, families must review emergency contact information, required annual notifications,and check permissions for their student(s) for the upcoming school year through Aeries Parent Portal. 


2023/2024 Annual Notification to Parents
The 2023/2024 Annual Notification to Parents will be available in August 2023. Parents will have the opportunity to complete required permissions and acknowledge receipt of this document through Aeries' Parent Portal. You can view the 2023/2024 Annual Notification to Parents here.

Firearms Safety Memorandum (English)
Notificación del Almacenamiento Seguro de Armas de Fuego

The purpose of this memorandum is to inform and to remind parents and legal guardians of all students in the Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District of their responsibilities for keeping firearms out of the hands of children as required by California law. There have been many news reports of children bringing firearms to school. In many instances, the child obtained the firearm(s) from his or her home. These incidents can be easily prevented by storing firearms in a safe and secure manner, including keeping them locked up when not in use and storing them separately from ammunition.

To help everyone understand their legal responsibilities, this memorandum spells out California law regarding the storage of firearms. Please take some time to review this memorandum and evaluate your own personal practices to assure that you and your family are in compliance with California law.