Corona Virus Planning/School Reopening

Dear LGSUHSD Staff and Community,

We wanted to provide you with a current update regarding the Covid pandemic and recent changes in guidance:

Close Contact Notifications

One of the greatest challenges for our district during the surge has been keeping up with the volume of close contact notifications. The volume has become unmanageable and quite honestly, given the frequency of these notifications, they have become meaningless in practice. In recognition of this and given how widely the Omicron variant is spreading throughout our community, late on Friday, January 14th the Santa Clara County Public Health Department and the Santa Clara County Office of Education updated guidance on notification. Until further notice, any individual who comes to campus should consider themselves to be a close contact. In alignment with the most recent County recommendations, we will no longer send notifications to students and families if an individual in one of their classes tests positive and we will instead test every student and staff member on a weekly basis.

Quarantine & Isolation Guidelines

Quarantine & Isolation Guidelines

State guidance on this issue has changed frequently over the last two weeks and very well may continue to evolve, but current guidance is as follows:

  •  Both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals should isolate if they have symptoms or if they test positive
  •  Symptomatic or positive individuals should remain in isolation until… negative test or — days have passed
  •  There is no requirement to quarantine simply because of close contact with an individual who is positive

For the full text of the message, including remote learning and Covid testing, click here.
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