Corona Virus Planning/Safety

Dear LGSUHSD Staff and Community,
The landscape regarding the Covid pandemic is ever - evolving and we are using this page to keep you apprised of updates in our district and with public health. Most recent updates include:

Board Update - May 10, 2022 COVID DASHBOARD Changes to Close Contact Notifications

 As you may know, Covid case rates across the county and within our community increased over the last three weeks. This has resulted in a corresponding increase in cases at our schools – an increase that is in no way indicative of a “spike” or “surge,” as has been reported in some circles as we are not seeing day over day increases in our school-based cases and we are seeing no evidence of school-based spread. The numbers we are seeing currently are well below the highs we saw during the Omicron period in January and appear to be stable rather than rising. Of course, we want this data to trend in the other direction and we will continue our monitoring of this data, our regular consultation with the Public Health Department, and keep you updated.
We will be tracking cases, reporting to the CDPH, and continuing to focus on Covid mitigation and safety protocols and we ask that you employ the same outside of school whenever possible, including:
* Strongly recommending the use of masks when indoors
* Maximizing the use of outdoor space and facilities for school events and activities
* Vaccinations for those eligible
* Weekly Covid-19 testing, either through Inspire Diagnostics on campus or using at home tests; and immediately reporting a positive at home test to: [email protected] or [email protected]
* Stay home/isolate if you feel unwell or develop Covid symptoms
* Utilizing at home or on-campus testing after travel or attendance at a group activity
One unfortunate administrative outcome of the recent increases in our schools has been multiple individual notices, generating both concern and, not unexpectedly, well-founded irritation as we intrude on your email inbox.  For that, we apologize and have reviewed our protocols around these notices with our district/site administration and public health authorities. As a result, effective immediately, we will no longer send individual close contact notifications.
We share your concern about the ongoing status of the Covid pandemic.  In addition, we also share your excitement about the milestone events that mark the end of the school year and, for many, the end of a high school career.  To that end, we need your proactive partnership to maximize the safety and wellbeing of our students to ensure full participation of those events, e.g., athletic events, dances, graduation, and year-end testing.  Your entire school community depends on you and your actions - please practice Covid mitigation strategies both inside and outside of school.

To report a COVID case, please email:
LGHS:  [email protected]
 SHS: [email protected]
District Employees: [email protected]
To submit proof of vaccination status (required in the event of a positive case report on campus), please submit proof of vaccination by clicking the appropriate link below:
MC/CA/Post Secondary