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Graduating Seniors and Exiting Students

Google Accounts
Use Google Take-out when you graduate from our district to transfer your data to a personal account.

District tech staff sends an email out every April with a timeline and instructions on how to save Google Drive contents. Accounts will remain active through June 30 of the year you graduate. After that date, accounts, including email and drive will be disabled. Desperate students can contact to retrieve any information they need after June 30. Accounts will be completely deleted one year after graduation. You will not be able to recover any data after deletion.

Direct link to transfer your account to another Google account

Direct link to download your Google account data

Students attempting to use Google Takeout Transfer may get the message "Transfer Your Content is only available to authorized G Suite for Education Accounts. Please contact your administrator, or sign in with another Google Account".

This happens when the student is logged into their personal Gmail account and then opens a new tab and logs into their student account in the same Chrome web browser instance.

To start a transfer in Google Takeout, the student must be logged into Google Accounts in separate Chrome instances or login to your personal Gmail account using Google Chrome and then use a different web browser like Mozilla Firefox to login to your school account. Using two different web browsers keeps logins in separate instances because they are in a different application.

Adobe Creative Cloud Accounts
Students who used Adobe Creative Cloud in one of your courses should back up their files. Over the summer, Adobe Creative Cloud licenses will be removed for Seniors. We do not save Adobe account data after June 30 of the year the student graduates.

Students have a couple of options to save their Adobe Creative Cloud data:

1. Copy your Creative Cloud data to your own computer.

2. Migrate the data to your personal Adobe account. The following link can be used for migrating.     

 This option requires you to pay for the Adobe account if you want to edit any of your files.

Additionally, if you have any of work saved on a school computer, you will need to download it to an external drive or move it to a personal cloud storage account.