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Technology Resources for Parents

Aeries Parents Accounts

An Aeries parent portal account was created with the email address entered for the parent contacts in the enrollment process. If you do not see the message in your inbox, check your spam folder for a message from


Or, go to the parent portal

Click the Forgot Password link and enter the email address for the parent contact.


The system will send an email to reset your password. Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see the message in your inbox. If you get an error message that the account was not found, please contact your school's registrar to verify the email address associated with your student's contact records.



ParentSquare Accounts

To set up your Parentsquare account, log in to Aeries and click on the Communications link in the left side menu. This will create a single sign-on link and the Parent Square Account. If you do not have an account, you should be receiving messages sent by the school district.



Parent Canvas Accounts

The Canvas URL for parents is:

Parents can create a Canvas account to observe their student's courses. Please follow the Parent Portal Instructions to create your account. You cannot set this feature up on a mobile device, such as an smartphone. However, it can be used on a mobile device once it is set up on a computer.

To observe a second student in Canvas - login using your parent Canvas account:

Go to Account---Settings--Observing

Enter the Student Pairing Code

Click the +Student button and follow the prompts to add student.

Other Resources for Parents

Parents Guide to Cybersafety

Protect your teen from identity theft

Help you kids with online behavior

Rules for Social Media created by students

Parent/Guardian Guide to Social Media sites

The Different Types of Cyberbullying

Learn more about privacy with these Teen Internet Safety

Eraser Button-- In September 2013, the landmark Eraser Button bill was signed into law in California. This law requires websites and apps to permit users under 18 to remove content they've personally posted. In addition, it prohibits all advertising of harmful products that are illegal for minors to purchase (such as alcohol, tobacco, and guns) on websites and apps targeted to minors. Common Sense has been a strong supporter of the Eraser Button bill, and we're encouraged to see other states across the country following suit with similar bills.

Make YouTube Safer for Kids:

Talk to your kids about Tech

What are all these internet terms?

Cell Phone Parenting

Security: Sign Out of Chrome…

Resources for Youth in Crisis (compiled by ConnectSafely)
Cyberbullying Research Center

Abuse Reporting:
Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Google+

Privacy Setting:
Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Twitter YouTube

Parents Guide to Learning with Technology

Other Resources: (beyond Common Sense Media) How savvy am I? Take the assessment: Connect: Find the Match

YouTube Digital Curriculum

Student Privacy: NEW: Digital Well Being for Families