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District Wifi

Please choose one of the following options to view instructions for connecting to a wireless network on one of the LGSUHSD campuses.
Available Wireless Networks

LGSUHSD Wifi - is the network students and staff should use for their personal devices including laptops and phones. It requires a district Google account and password for access and is the most secure. Since the network is broadcast, your devices will automatically see it when in range and will automatically connect once initially configured.

Our wifi is certificate-based. The certificate installed does not let LGSUHSD access or view any files on your device. It does allow us to restrict unauthorized access to our network.

LGSUHSD Guest Wifi - is an open network that requires the user to enroll and accept the terms of use for a 24-hour period of access. If the user needs another 24 hours of access, they will need to enroll and accept the terms of use again. The only reason students or staff should use the Guest Wifi is to run the LGSUHSD Wifi setup process if their device has no other internet access. Students and staff should use one of the other networks for their device's primary access method. The Guest Wifi is rate limited and therefore slower than other available networks. 

Need help with Wifi? If you are still having problems joining our wifi networks, please visit the Library Tech office or email