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Services and Programs

Students may receive any combination of services, based on their IEP, including:

  • Speech and Language Support - Speech and language specialists provide support for articulation, voice, fluency, and language disorders.
  • Specialized Academic Instruction - Special Education teachers provide educational planning, special instruction, tutorial assistance, or other services to exceptional individuals in special programs or regular classrooms.
  • Special Day Classes - Students are grouped with others who share similar instructional needs.  Each class has a credentialed special education teacher and an instructional aide.

Adaptive physical education, nursing services, counseling support, behavior support, occupational therapy, and other services are available when a student's IEP determines this need.

 Transition to Independent Living

Several of our programs assist with special education needs to transition to the workplace, independent living, and post secondary education or training.

  • WorkAbility 1 - Workability 1 programs provide comprehensive pre-employment training, employment placement, and follow-up consultations for individuals making the transition to independent living.
  • Post-Secondary Programs - The Community Immersion Program (CIP) provides services for students with disabilities who have completed high schools through enrollment and participation in an active college atmosphere; and prepares them for independent living, including work, leisure, and academics.