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Human Resources

At Los Gatos Saratoga Union High School District, our HR team is dedicated to providing efficient, responsive, and courteous support and information to all applicants, employees, and members of our community. We are committed to recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining the most talented and qualified professionals to educate and serve our diverse student population at the highest level of excellence.

Meet our team

Name/Email Position Phone Number 
 Dagmar Derickson  HR Director   408-402-6320
 Flor Alcoba   HR Admin Assistant   408-402-6320
 Lindsay Harris   HR Assistant I  408-402-6332
 Lupe Araujo  HR Assistant II  408-402-6327





Have a question or need information but don't know who to ask? Please see the contact guide below.
 Subject Area  Contact/Email
 Benefits  Amandeep Dhindsa
 Certificated Staff   Lindsay Harris 
 Classified Staff   Lupe Araujo
 Coaches/Band/Extra Duty Staff  Lindsay Harris 
 Credential Information  Dagmar Derickson
 Evaluations   Dagmar Derickson
 Leave of Absences   Dagmar Derickson
 Payroll Questions   Amandeep Dhindsa
 Recruiting   Lindsay Harris 
 Retirement   Dagmar Derickson
 Sick Leave/Vacation Balance   Amandeep Dhindsa
 Substitute Teachers   Lupe Araujo
 Volunteers   Flor Alcoba