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Educational Services

Our schools and programs are recognized as among the most distinguished public high schools in the state and nation. Through engaged parents who prioritize excellence, students who consistently display diligence and drive, and passionate, well-prepared teachers, our schools are a model of excellence in our community. 

In the Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District, the Educational Services department oversees the curriculum, instruction, and assessment provided to students. Services include:

  1. Curriculum Development: Designing, implementing, and evaluating curriculum and instructional materials to ensure they align with educational standards and meet the needs of our diverse student populations.

  2. Professional Development: Planning and organizing professional development opportunities for teachers and staff to enhance their skills, stay updated on educational trends, and improve instructional practices.

  3. Assessment and Evaluation: Developing and administering assessments to measure student performance, analyzing data to identify areas of improvement, and implementing strategies to address educational needs.

  4. Educational Technology: Integrating and managing technology in the classroom, providing support for teachers in utilizing educational technology tools effectively.

  5. Policy Implementation: Ensuring that district policies related to education and instruction are effectively implemented and adhered to.

We welcome you to explore more about our programs and ongoing efforts for continuous improvement. 

Educational Services Staff
Deepa Mukherjee Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum & Instruction  408-402-6303
Janae Benassi Administrative Assistant
408-402-6316 x247
Patrick Bernhardt Director, Continuous Improvement & Accountability
Kristofer Orre ToSA (Teacher on Special Assignment)  
Christine Holst ToSA (Teacher on Special Assignment)  
Mika Yoshida Program Analyst/Calpads/Aeries
Mary Carol Bernal School Counselor, Middle College/College Advantage/SVCTE 408-402-6373