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Each year, the district contracts with an outside firm to conduct an Audit of the District’s financial books and records, and submit its report.  The financial information in the report, presented during December of a given year covers the previous fiscal year ending June 30.

This Audit Report is essential to the District and assures compliance with effective financial practices and applicable laws and regulations.  The Superintendent’s Audit Committee meets prior to the presentation of this Audit report to the Board of Trustees.

The Audit Report includes information about all elements of the District's data and financials that are subject to annual audit requirements.   

Annual Audit Report 2022-23
Measure E Audit Report 2022-23 

Annual Audit Report 2021-2022 
Measure E Audit Report 2021-2022

Annual Audit Report, 2020-2021
Measure E Audit Report, 2020-2021

Annual Audit Report, 2019-2020
Measure E Audit Report, 2019-2020

Annual Audit Report 2018-2019
Measure E Audit Report 2018-2019

Annual Audit Report 2017-2018
Measure E Audit Report 2017-2018

Annual Audit Report 2016-2017
Measure E Audit Report 2016-2017

Annual Audit Report 2015-2016
Measure E Audit Report 2015-2016

Annual Audit Report 2014-2015
Measure E Audit Report 2014-2015

Annual Audit Report 2013-2014