Board Open "Office Hours"

The Board of Trustees of the Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District (LGSUHSD) believes that transparency and open communication are key elements for effective governance and important to the success of our school district. In light of this, regular engagement of Board members with members of the community and staff to promote two-way communication and dialogue on current issues and high priority needs is crucial. Board meetings are not the ideal setting in which to engage in this dialogue because of Brown Act requirements and time restrictions. To allow for two-way communication in a less formal setting, the Board of Trustees conducts periodic “Board Office Hours” open to staff, students, parents, and community members.

No decisions or commitments can or will be made during Board Office Hours - the intent is to engage in communication and dialogue with constituents.

Meeting Schedule - tbd

What are Board Office Hours?

  • Office Hours are designated times throughout the school year during which two LGSUHSD Board Members will be available to meet with members of our school community in an informal setting to discuss current topics in education and in our schools.
  • Board members may bring topics or questions of their own to Office Hours to seek feedback from members of the school community, but attendees are also encouraged to bring appropriate topics to Office Hours.

What is the role of the School Board?

  • The role of the Board of Trustees is to establish and monitor big picture goals for the school district and to set policy for the district. The Board does not engage in school operations - this is the role of district staff.
  • The Board also has an oversight role and sets the strategic direction for the district.
  • The Board does not engage in school operations - this is the role of district and school staff.
  • For district and site contacts, go to:  District Office; Los Gatos High; Saratoga High

What topics are appropriate for Office Hours?

  • Topics appropriate for the School Board Office Hours are those that fall within the role of the Board. Topics related to the priorities, goals, and/or policies of the district are appropriate to discuss with the Board during Office Hours.
  • Topics that are operational in nature should be addressed with the appropriate staff member at the school site or district level.
  • If you are not able to resolve an operational issue at LGHS or SHS, contact the school principal’s office. If it is a district-wide issue, or if you aren’t able to get resolution at the high school level, contact the Superintendent’s office. Only if you are unable to feel that you got resolution from the Superintendent would you need to involve the Board.
  • If you have a sensitive issue that you are not comfortable bringing up with district staff, then you are welcome to contact the Board, or individual members directly, but Office Hours may not be the best method for this as they are not private and we cannot guarantee confidentiality at those meetings.

Questions? Please contact Tricia Zarevich