School Lunch Pilot - LGHS

Country House Kitchen Partners with LGHS
At the May 7th meeting of the LGHUHSD Board of Trustees, LGHS received unanimous approval for an initiative to upgrade our school lunch program, through a partnership with Country House Kitchen.  The initial pilot has been graciously funded in full by the LGHS Home and School Club and the New Millennium Foundation.  The proposal will involve implementing a few new menu items during the last portion of May and expanding on the implementation starting in August.  We are very grateful for our terrific food service staff for embarking on this initiative with chef/consultant Paul Boundas, who has many years of past success in this area:  Healthy School Lunches - Chicago Tribune.  Senior Maya Haylock has created surveys to help gather input.  

The Country House philosophy is known for:
Passion to Teach and Feed Your Children as Ours
Integrate Health & Wellness Education Training for Students and Staff
Eliminate Processed Ingredients and Replace with Fresh, Locally Sourced Ingredients.
 Items will include:  Healthy Pizza from Scratch, Fresh Chicken for Salads, Wraps, etc