Interdistrict Transfers

                                           Interdistrict Transfers 

An Interdistrict Transfer is for students living within the Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District (LGSUHSD) boundaries who wish to attend a school outside the District.
If you are a new resident to LGSUHSD boundaries, you must first enroll at your resident high school even if you have or are wanting to submit either an Intra district or Interdistrict transfer application request.   


How to Apply for an Interdistrict Transfer Leaving LGSUHSD

Students living within LGSUHSD who wish to attend a school outside the district must complete a LGSUHSD Interdistrict Transfer form.

1. Interdistrict transfers are good for the requested year only and must be renewed every  year at the initiative of the parent or legal guardian. 

2. LGSUHSD may agree to release your student, however, submission does not guarantee approved acceptance. Proofs of residency will be required by the approving district.

3. Once this form is completed and, if approved, it is forwarded to the new school district for their consideration. 

4. Requests for students with an I.E.P. must include a full and complete copy of the most current I.E.P. along with the application. 

5. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. 

6. Early submissions will be returned to the submitter.

Be advised, AB 2826 imposes a timeline for parents to appeal a district's decision within 30 calendar days. To appeal, please find information from the Santa Clara County Office of Education's appeal process. NOTE: While the SCCOE Board of Trustees can overturn a denial into CUHSD, they cannot determine specific site placement. 

Per BP 5117 -- Please be advised of the following necessary conditions should an Interdistrict Transfer be granted:

1. Transportation to your school of transfer must be provided by the parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

2. Good attendance, behavior and proper level of effort to studies will be expected of your student.

3. The transfer is good for the current year and the permit to attend will expire at the end of the same school year. 

4. Interdistrict Transfers must be renewed every year at the initiative of the parent or legal guardian.  

5. Renewal is subject to approval.

6. The transfer may affect athletic eligibility.

Questions and/or completed forms should be directed to int[email protected] or by calling (408)354-2520.