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Post-Secondary Program

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The LGSUHSD Post-Secondary Program is a 100% community based post-secondary program for young adults, ages 18-22.  The program teaches life skills such as travel training, job readiness, self-help and social skills in an inclusive and age–appropriate environment.

Students have had many positive outcomes including paid employment, continued education, completion of work training programs and acceptance into quality adult programs. 

There are many other examples of the power and impact of this program.  This year, students are:

  • Participating in WVC courses, such as pilates, yoga, golf, jazz dance, and symphonic orchestra.
  • Teaming up with athletes and coaches at WVC through Unified Sports for a more integrated athletic opportunity.
  • Earning certifications in computer animation and early childhood education. 
  • Volunteering across the county in a variety of settings including food banks, animal care and retail.  
  • Receiving quality individualized paid work training opportunities in the community through a partnership with the WorkAbility program.

LGSUHSD's Post-Secondary raises $3,000 every year for:

  • Honors Night (a special ceremony that recognizes students who will be exiting the program - all students are invited to attend)
  • Transition Social Event  (an annual social event to build community with other post-secondary programs)
  • We have a Hoop-A-Thon in the Fall and a Walk-A-Thon in the Spring in addition to taking donations throughout the year.
Hoffmann Award Winner Banner

LGSUHSD's Post-Secondary Program is the recipient of the 2023 Glenn Hoffmann Award hosted by the Santa Clara County School Boards Association. Stepping Up for Successful Post-Secondary Transitions, the Post-Secondary Program was nominated for its focus on elevating life skills and continued education for Special Needs students. Staff of the program have redesigned the way Special Education students are serviced and supported to thrive during life after high school. 

Read the press release announcement here for more details.