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Foreign Exchange Students

LGSUHSD recognizes that contact between students of different countries and cultures promotes global awareness and international understanding. To that end, each year we enroll a number of international exchange students.  Participating students must be hosted by a family that resides within the attendance area of our district and must apply to attend our schools through an approved foreign exchange company.  


To enroll as a foreign exchange student in the Los Gatos – Saratoga Union High School District (LGSUHSD), the student must:

1. Work through an approved Foreign Exchange student organization (listed here).

2. Enroll in our district for a full academic year and reside with a family who lives in the appropriate attendance area.

3. Submit a completed application (prepared by the Foreign Exchange student organization) during the designated Open Enrollment period (i.e., approximately February of the school year preceding the intended year of enrollment as a foreign exchange student).

Please note:

1. There are only a limited number of “slots” for foreign exchange students at each site; this number is determined each year based on enrollment projections for the upcoming year.

2. The district begins processing applications received during the Open Enrollment period at the end of the designated period; and on an “upon receipt” basis after that.

3. There are no fees due to the district for the school year during which the student is enrolled as a foreign exchange student.

4. There are typically fees due to the Foreign Exchange student organization.

5. A student may only be enrolled in LGSUHSD for one year as a foreign exchange student.


Written request must be received between: January 1 and May 30 the year preceding the year for which enrollment is being requested.  Enrollment shall be for one year only. (Regulation 5111.2)

District Policies

BP 6145.6 International Exchange
AR 6145.6 Web Button
AR 5111.2 Nonresident Foreign Students
BP 5111 Admission Web Button

For More Information

If you have additional questions, please contact the district office at 408.354.5980 or