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College Advantage

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Recording from Mandatory Information Night
Wednesday, February 28, 2024 @ 6:00 PM.

What is College Advantage?

  • An educational option to earn up to one year of college credits while completing high school graduation requirements
  • An opportunity to spend the fourth year of high school at West Valley College, taking college courses in Science, English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Science.
  • An opportunity to complete college courses that is especially helpful to students planning for advanced professional degrees.
  • A choice to begin a certificate program, an associate degree and/or accrue transferable college credits for a four-year university.
  • An option to participate in a college honors program.
  • A chance to learn with students of varied ages and backgrounds.
  • A potential cost savings for college expenses because of low community college costs for California residents.

General Eligibility

  • 3.8 or higher academic grade point average as recorded on the transcript (10-12)
  • On-target for graduation (180 units by the end of the junior year)
  • Completion of College Advantage application by the due date
  • Two (2) high school teacher letters of recommendation
  • 500 word essay : "Why I Want to Spend My Senior Year at West Valley College"
  • Completion of West Valley English Placement Exam showing eligibility for English Writing 1A (ERWT 1A)
  • A school record of responsible, mature, self-directed behavior.
  • Parent permission

General Program Requirements

  • Completion of high school requirements ( US Government, Economics and English) as part of the West Valley program
  • Mandatory attendance at quarterly meetings as scheduled
  • Adherence to high school and college codes of student conduct 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I apply to a four year university without penalty?
A. Yes. Your college admissions process is the same as for other high school seniors.

Q. Will I earn college and high school credits?
A. All courses will appear on your WV transcript for college credit. However, only the courses that you need for high school graduation will appear on your high school transcript.

Q. May I participate in high school graduation?
A. Yes. You may participate in graduation

Q. May I still be considered for valedictorian or "senior awards" at of my high school?
A. No. You must remain as a full-time student on your high school campus to be eligible.

Contact:Mary Carol Bernal
Middle College/College Advantage/
SVCTE Guidance Counselor