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CA Healthy Kids Survey

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The California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) is the largest statewide survey of resiliency, protective factors, and risk behaviors in the nation. Across California, the CHKS has led to a better understanding of the relationship between students' health behaviors and academic performance, and is frequently cited by state policymakers and the media as a critical component of school improvement efforts to help guide the development of more effective health, prevention, and youth development programs. It provides a means to confidentially obtain data on student knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions about the topics it covers.

The 2022-2023 California Healthy Kids Survey was administered at the end of March 2023. For the first time ever, the district sent this survey out to all staff and parents/guardians to get feedback on their perception of student behavior and attitudes, school programs and policies, and the overall school climate as they relate to student well-being and learning. 

All participation is voluntary. The information provided helps guide LGSUHSD's district and school efforts to promote safety, enhance learning supports, improve student achievement, and reduce health risks that stand as barriers to learning.

This survey is anonymous and is designed so that participants can’t be identified from the data. 

Results of the 2022-2023 Student, Parent, and Staff Survey are not yet available.

Survey Results & Comparisons: 2018 - 2021