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2016-2019 Strategic Plan


The strategic planning process, initiated in 2020 with the creation of the Graduate Profile, was placed on hold due to the COVID - 19 pandemic.  In an effort to restart the process, the district presented the following presentation to the Board of Trustees:

Board Presentation - September 28, 2001

WHERE WE STARTED: In spring 2020, 50 representatives from various stakeholder groups, including staff, students, community members, academic and industry representatives and Trustees developed a list of key competencies the team believes our students should have upon graduation.  These competencies, presented to the Board of Trustees, are below:  

Graduate profile proficiencies



CLick here to view the 2016-2019 Strategic plan

Strat plan

The Mission of the District is to optimize the learning of each student. 

  • As a community of learners committed to excellence, we promote lifelong learning, personal integrity,
  • social responsibility and positive physical and mental health. 
  • Members of our educational community will make meaningful, positive contributions to the world.

Our District is a thriving learning community...

  • Where all are valued and recognized for their talents and contributions...
  • Where every person optimizes his or her potential...
  • Where members of the community embrace individual choices and healthy passions...
  • Where students and staff stretch and shine...
  • Where all grow and learn in a collaborative, nurturing environment...
  • And experience a zest for lifelong learning!