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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Design Team

Strategic planning plays a vital role in the continuous improvement efforts of the Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District. It's the process of documenting and establishing the direction of LGSUHSD by assessing where we are and envisioning where we, as a community, want to be.

In Spring 2023, the district embarked on redesigning the Strategic Plan. This plan will be shaped by school district staff, high school students, families, and community members through a series of in-person listening sessions. The plan will include:

  • Tangible and descriptive statements that describe the results we want for our students, staff, families, community, and district.
  • Specific actions we are taking to reach our strategic goals.
  • Data we collect and analyze to gauge our progress.
  • Standards we set to help us determine our progress toward meeting our goals.

2023 Strategic Planning Timeline

Coming Up: 6/13/23 presentation to the Board of Trustees

June 1, 2023: Strategic Design Team Meeting
Members of the Design Team met to continue their work. Look for an update from Superintendent Bill W. Sanderson soon.

May 24, 2023 - June 9, 2023: Feedback Survey Open
Before we begin writing the Strategic Plan, we want to check-in with you to make sure that the draft areas of focus are in alignment with the direction and goals you think the district should be going. You can help us by completing this survey. All answers are anonymous.

Student Survey   |  Parent/Community Member Survey   |   Staff Survey

May 24, 2023: Update to the Community (ZOOM PRESENTATION)
Superintendent Bill W. Sanderson shared the steps the District has taken so far to solicit feedback, share the areas of focus, and see if the work of the Design Team is in alignment with that of the LGSUHSD community. You can view a recording of the webinar here.

May 10, 2023: 2nd Stakeholder Design Team Meeting
The Design Team continued their work of creating overarching recommendations and refining the actions to achieve each focus. Design Team members identified and shared assets, expertise, and resources within and across diverse stakeholder interests in order to expand and strengthen the total common knowledge base.

April 21, 2023: 1st Stakeholder Design Team Begins
The Strategic Plan Design Group solicits input from a broad-based stakeholder group to contribute to and support the development and implementation of the district strategic plan. The Design Team includes students and staff from both schools and the district office, parents, community leaders, and very well-respected facilitators in their fields.

April 3, 2023: Influencers Meeting
Approximately 30 community leaders met to learn about the Strategic Planning process and to offer advice on the launching of the design plan. Attendees included law enforcement, leaders in our feeder districts, parent booster organizations, local government officials, and more.

April 3, 2023: Leadership Consultation
Convened the top-level district leadership to establish and publicly endorse a set of key essentials that clearly articulates the future the district wants for its students, staff, and community, how it will need to behave to walk that talk, and the big work it will need to take on to make that future a reality. These essentials typically include vison/mission, student/graduate profile, values, principles, and strategic goals. They can also include a theory of action and instructional priorities.

March and April, 2023: Data Gathering
Review current demographic, programmatic, achievement and socioemotional data, relevant school plans/initiatives, and interview/focus group results. Integrate data review with interview and focus group results. Craft a district profile and a set of findings statements that accurately reflect the district’s current state. Craft a set of findings statements.

March 28. 2023: Staff and Board Interviews, Board Meeting Presentation
View the presentation to the Board of Trustees here. 

March 21 & 22. 2023: Student, Staff, and Parent Focus Groups
Captured experiences, perspectives, and wishes for the district’s future from students, staff, and parents. Student, staff, and parent perspectives will serve to inform the design of a plan that positions the district as a model of excellence, equity, and effectiveness.

The interviews and focus groups were an initial step in the planning and design process and in creating a district profile that paints a picture of the district’s services, programs, achievement/social-emotional learning results, resources, and other important factors.