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Local Funding

The Formula for Academic Excellence

Get to Know the LGSUHSD Budget & History of Local Funding for Award-Winning Teachers & Innovative Academics

Los Gatos and Saratoga High Schools have a reputation of being among the highest-performing high schools in the entire state and nation. Thanks to a wide variety of unique and rigorous academic programs taught by award-winning teachers, students graduate from our high schools prepared for success at the top colleges and in challenging careers.

A Community Tradition of Locally Controlled Funding

More than a decade ago, local voters approved Measure A, a $49 annual parcel tax that provides dedicated, locally controlled funding to support many of the innovative academic programs and to attract and retain the qualified teachers our local high schools are known for. Programs supported by Measure A include robotics, rigorous AP courses and award-winning music, arts, and world language programs. This source of funding is set to expire unless renewed.

Teacher Compensation and Local Funding Have Not Kept Pace

Since Measure A was first approved in 2011, the cost of living and of providing an excellent education has continued to increase, while locally controlled revenue for our high schools has remained stagnant.

Los Gatos and Saratoga are among the most expensive communities in the country, and local teachers may struggle to afford to live here. Due to inadequate state funding and stagnant local revenue, LGSUHSD teacher compensation has not kept pace with similar districts. As a result, District schools have been been losing top teacher talent to neighboring districts and more affordable communities.

Potential Funding Measure to Keep Top Teacher Talent & Protect Award-Winning Academics

The LGSUHSD Board of Trustees is currently exploring options to help local funding keep pace with the rising costs of providing a quality education. One option currently being explored is a ballot measure to renew the District’s expiring local parcel tax, with an increase to the $49 rate first approved more than 10 years ago. Funding from a renewal measure could continue to be used to support key District initiatives, including:

  • Attracting and retaining highly qualified teachers and school staff
  • Maintaining strong core academic programs and high-quality science, math, technology, robotics, engineering and AP courses
  • Providing programs that prepare students for college and future careers
  • Supporting high student achievement
  • Ensuring teacher salaries are competitive with surrounding districts

Local Control & Fiscal Accountability Provisions Are Required in Local Funding Measures

Any renewal measure would include the same fiscal accountability provisions already in place with the current Measure A:

  • All proceeds would be controlled locally and could not be taken away by the State
  • None of the money raised could be used for administrators’ salaries or pensions
  • Independent citizens’ oversight and mandatory annual audits would ensure funds are spent as promised
  • Senior citizen homeowners would continue to be eligible for an exemption from the cost

Community Input Is a Critical Component of Our Planning Process — Take Our Survey

Planning for the future of education funding in our local high schools should be a community-driven process. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tanya De La Cruz at or (408) 354-2520. We also encourage you to make your voice heard by taking our school funding survey here.

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