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Meet the Board of Trustees

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Katherine Tseng

Katherine Tseng, Board President
Term Expires: 2024 (Elected 2020, 2016, 2012)

Misty Davies

Misty Davies, Board  Vice President
Term Expires: 2026 (Elected 2022)

Steve Chen

Steve Chen, Board  Clerk
Term Expires: 2026 (Elected 2022)


Theresa Bond

Theresa Bond, Board  Trustee
Term Expires: 2024 (Elected 2020)

Alex Shultz

Alex Shultz, Board  Trustee
Term Expires: 2026 (Elected 2022)

Maily Isaacs

Maily Isaacs, Class of 2023
Los Gatos High School Student Board Member

Mason Wang

Mason Wang, Class of 2023
Saratoga High School Student Board Member