Synopsis Science Fair Winners!

LGSUHSD Students Shine at Synopsis Science Fair
LGSUHSD students in Ms. Cathy Messenger and Ms. Jill McCrystal's rocked the Synopsis Science Fair competition, held at the SJ Convention Center on March 15th.  This event, sponsored by the Santa Clara Valley Science and Engineering Fair Association, showcases students on the road to becoming scientists, technology experts, engineers and mathematicians.

Students go beyond their classroom studies to conduct independent project-based research, exploring various scientific fields,including computer science, health and medicine, etc. 

Winners can be selected to go on to compete in other state and national competitions, including the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.  And, we're excited to report that Alice Martynova is a Grand Prize winner and will be competing at the national fair in Pittsburg in May.  Charlotta Lebedenko competed for the Synopsis n+1 award and garnered first place.  And, five students competed at the California Science Fair at the end of April.  The incredible success of students at LGHS, resulted in a school ranking of 2nd overall and earned teacher Cathy Messenger the ranking of first - from all high school teachers with award winning projects!!!! 

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