Alternative Education

Alternative programs are for students who need or desire an alternative instructional approach. These programs allow students to complete high school in a productive and purposeful way. To enroll in an alternative program, students must be recommended by an administrator.


The Valor program, an alternative program designed for a student who may benefit from a smaller school setting due to extenuating circumstances such as a return to school after hiatus, a transfer into the district mid-semester, and/or is credit deficient, is located at the LGSUHSD district office. Valor works to stabilize the educational experience so a student can reach their academic and personal goals. Valor’s emphasis on building community to support individual needs both academically and social-emotionally is represented by a daily community workshop, student-led conferences at each 6 week progress report, optional sports and volunteer programs, job coaching, and opportunities to take community college courses or career technical education classes. Valor’s campus is comprised of three classrooms, a community room, courtyard, sport court, and a school kitchen that allows for a self-contained space to provide students with homemade lunches and a closed campus that helps to build community. The Valor Team currently consists of three teachers who are supported by a guidance counselor, one part-time school therapists, a part-time aide, a registrar, and administrator. Valor’s typical school enrollment is 30 students with an average class size ranging from 8-12 students. Valor provides a non-College Prep curriculum that helps to support students meeting high school graduation requirements and continuing on to a community college. 


Alternative Education Referral Process

Alternative Education Student Application

Valor Fact Sheet

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To apply for the program, see your guidance counselor. 

For more information, contact Cheryl Hodgin-Marshall, Guidance Counselor for Valor and Independent Studies, at 408-354-2520 x295, or at

If your child has an IEP, please contact your case manager for more information.

Valor Staff Contacts


Contact Position Extension Email
Heath Rocha
x 232
Claire Linstrom Registrar/Staff Secretary x 223
Julie Ciraulo-Ray Teacher x 307
David Denight Teacher/ Dept. Chair x 308
Cheryl Hodgin-Marshall Guidance Counselor x 295
Valerie Waagen Student Therapist x 306
Nicole Zambrano Teacher/Stud. Support Spec x 312/295


This program is for students who are unable to attend the regular school program for health reasons. A physician’s note is required.


Students meet regularly with an independent studies teacher to receive course assignments and take tests. Students in this program must be highly responsible and self-motivated to complete their work independently.



Cheryl Hodgin-Marshall, 408-354-2520 x295


The Santa Clara County Office of Education provides educational programs for students who are under court supervision or who are not attending regular school for a variety of reasons. The program emphasizes academic competency as well as behavior improvement.

For more information, contact Dr. Heidi Reyes, Director Student Services, at 371-0960, ex. 2016