District Directory

District Directory
 Name/Email Position/Title
 Bernal, Mary Carol
 Middle College,College Advantage, SVCTE Guidance Counselor  408-402-6373
 Bosco, Carrie  Assoc. Supt, Curriculum & Instruction/HR  408-402-6303
 Cabayan, December  Account Tech III  408-402-6302
 Dhindsa, Amandeep  Payroll  408-402-6301
 English, Kim  HR Asst.  408-402-6327
 English, Phil  Director, Facilities, Maintenance and Operations
 Grasty, Annette
 Manager, Human Resources  408-402-6309
 Hodgin-Marshall, Cheryl  Valor Guidance Counselor/Coordinator  408-402-6315
 Linstrom, Claire  Admin. Asst. - Business Department  408-402-6320
 Marashian, Jane  Exec. Asst. - Superintendent and Board of Trustees  408-354-5980
 Rosemarie Pottage  Interim CBO  408-402-6330
 Mistele, Bob  Superintendent  408-354-6401
 Munoz, Christina  Senior Accountant  408-402-6306
 Palma, Tony  Administrator - IT/CTE  
 Pottage, Rosemary  Interim CBO  408-402-6330
 Rocha, Heath  Chief Officer - Student Services  408-402-6310
 Schmidt, Bret  Program Specialist - Special Education  408-402-6305
 Schultz-Grant, Lois  Nurse  408-402-6321
 St. George, Kristy  Workability Coordinator  408-402-6317
 Wessels, Paula  Admin. Asst. Student Services/Special Education  408-402-6323
 Yeaman, Julianne  I.T. Coordinator/Aeries  408-402-6304
 Zepeda, Patricia  HR Assistant  408-402-6332